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Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Bike

If you want your bike to stay in the same shape it was when you left the sports store, you will need to maintain it regularly. Watch this video for a few helpful tips for maintaining your bike.

You can make the most of your bicycling experience by keeping your bike maintained. Make sure your tires are inflated to the proper pressure to improve speed, comfort, and handling, and take a look at your bolts and components to ensure that they are tight enough. Never waste any time in replacing broken or malfunctioning components, as they can quickly lead to serious problems.

Efinger Sporting Goods is a sports store in Bound Brook that specializes in athletic equipment and sports accessories. Whether your sport is basketball, tennis, or boxing, we have the gear and supplies that you need. Please feel free to visit our website or call us at (732) 356-0604 for more information.

Getting Your Child Started in Baseball

Sports are great for children; they teach them how to work in teams, exercise in a fun way, and socialize with others. If you want to get your child started in baseball, the adventure begins at the sports store. Remember to praise effort over results, and give your child the opportunity to decide if he or she is interested or not. Read on if you are getting your child started in baseball.

Buy the Equipment

Just like most sports, baseball requires certain pieces of equipment. Before your child can get started, he or she will need a bat, a ball, a glove, and a helmet. If you want to start by throwing a ball around in the backyard, a ball and a glove may be the only necessary components. Be sure to buy your child a comfortable, quality glove; an uncomfortable glove can make things difficult and inhibit your child’s motivation to keep going.

Focus on Effort

Most children do not start off as experts, so it is important that you praise your child for the right reasons. Doing a good job is great, but it is the effort that will allow him or her to continue to progress. Try to focus your concern on the effort your child expends rather than the skills he or she already shows. This will encourage your child to keep trying and develop a real interest in the sport.

Never Force an Interest

If you want your child to develop an interest in baseball, the worst thing you can do is try to force it to happen. Not all children like the same sports, and there is nothing wrong with that; when you start getting your child into baseball, make sure the interest is organic.

Are you interested in getting your child started in baseball? Contact Efinger Sporting Goods or visit our website. Our team is happy to help you find the sports equipment in Bound Brook that you need. Please feel free to stop by and see us or call us at (732) 356-0604 to learn more about our sports gear and accessories.

Get Your Varsity Jacket at Efinger Sporting Goods

While your athletic uniform and sports equipment play a major part in your game performance, few types of sports apparel can feel quite as gratifying to slip on as your varsity jacket. Efinger Sporting Goods can design the letter jacket that you’ve always wanted.

Using one of our sample jackets, we will determine your size and provide a range of jacket styles for you to choose from. You can select a leather collar if you wish, and customize it with the name of your choice. Your name, nickname, or school mascot can be added to the jacket in 2-inch or 3-inch letters in 1 or 2 colors. To complete your customization, incorporate your position, graduating year, or a sport specific logo. Please allow as long as 12 weeks for your jacket to be completed.

Efinger Sporting Goods supplies letter jackets, athletic equipment, shoes, and sports accessories in Bound Brook. To learn about our custom varsity jacket options, call us today at (732) 356-0604.

The Best Weekend Fishing Trips Around New Jersey

If it’s been a while since you last took a boat out with the family, it’s about time to pack up the fishing gear and sports equipment. You can make the most of the warm weather by planning a weekend fishing trip. With this guide, you can learn about a few of the best spots for fishing around New Jersey:

Frank’s Boat Rentals

Offering manageable boats for the novice captain, Frank’s Boat Rentals is located in Strathmere, NJ. Here, no boater’s license is required to rent. The boats are approximately 16 feet, seat 6 passengers, and have 3 seats. You’ll be able to buy bait and rent crabbing nets, fishing nets, and fishing rods if necessary.

Over Under Adventures

Ideal for families and individuals of all experience levels, Stone Harbor Back Bay Fishing by Over Under Adventures offers family fishing vacations, weekend getaways, and specialty kids fishing trips. Back bay fishing in Stone Harbor, NJ means that you need not worry about seasickness. Charters are customizable and can focus on sightseeing, crabbing, cruising, or fishing. Hourly rates are available, as well as 5-hour, 8-hour, and 10-hour deep sea fishing trips. Additionally, from May through November, you can book offshore tuna fishing charters.

Reel Chaos

Providing fishing trips for kids and adults of all experience levels, Reel Chaos offers Barnegat Bay and Barnegat Inlet full and half-day fishing charters. Inshore reefs are home to sea bass, fluke, striped bass, and more. With a home port of Forked River, NJ, offshore waters provide bonito, tuna, bluefish, mahi-mahi, and others. 4-hour family fishing trips are available for morning, afternoon, and evening trips and are an excellent learning opportunity for new anglers.

If you’re looking for sports accessories in Bound Brook, Efinger Sporting Goods carries a wide range of fishing and sports equipment to help you make the most of your weekend fishing trips. Call us today at (732) 356-0604 to learn more about our athletic equipment and other high-quality products.

Essential Bike Riding Accessories

No matter your choice of activity, having the right sports equipment is vital for staying safe and having fun. Cycling may seem intimidating initially, but the right accessories will help you get started. If you’re wondering what equipment is essential for bike riding, watch the following video.

Before taking off on your bike, you will need a helmet to protect your head in case you fall or have an accident. Next, be sure to take water along. Most bikes come with water bottle cages or can be fitted with one. In the case of a flat, you will need a spare tube, tire levers, and a travel-sized tire pump to get back on the road.

Efinger Sporting Goods carries a variety of sports equipment in Bound Brook. If you’re looking for bicycles or bicycle parts, call us today at (732) 356-0604 to learn more about our athletic equipment.

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