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    Hiking Safety Tips for Your Next Outing

    Last updated 5 days ago

    With the right sporting goods, hiking can be great fun and exercise. But it’s important to remember to follow some basic tips in order to stay safe on your next hiking outing. Here are some of the hiking tips we think are most important to keep in mind as you embark on foot in the great outdoors.

    Bring a Buddy

    Invite a friend to come with you on your next hiking trip, as having just one other person on your hiking trip will make you safer. If you don’t bring a companion, let someone know where you are hiking and how long you expect to be gone. This way someone can contact the authorities if something happens to you on your hiking trip.

    Wear the Right Sports Equipment

    Sturdy, waterproof boots from your local sporting goods store are essential on your hiking excursions. To avoid blisters and discomfort, wear the boots long enough to break them in before going on a long hike. Wind- and rain-resistant pants are also important, as they will keep you dry and comfortable and protect you in the event of a fall. A hiking pole can help you keep your balance and will also reduce knee strain on a long hike. Excess weight reduces your agility and increases your energy consumption, so pack light when you’re hiking.

    Stay Aware

    Be conscious of stepping on anything wet, especially if it’s on a slope, as it can greatly increase your chances of slipping. Rocks, fine soil, loose pebbles, and mud should be approached with caution. Be aware of potentially aggressive wildlife, such as wasps, bees, and bears.

    Avoid Fatigue

    The most important thing you can do to avoid fatigue is to stay hydrated, even on cool or wet days, and ensure sufficient calorie intake, even when you’re not hungry. Take plenty of short rest breaks rather than longer ones. And try to stay warm, because being too cold can increase fatigue.

    Of the sporting goods stores in NJ, head to Efinger Sporting Goods. We carry all types of sports equipment and clothing, and have been in business since 1909. Call us at (732) 564-5101 or head to our website for more information about the apparel, gear, and accessories we offer that can help make the most of your next hiking excursion.

    The Steps of Choosing Running Shoes

    Last updated 11 days ago

    Whether you like to run occasionally or every day, choosing the proper running shoe is essential. The right running shoe will not only reduce your chances of injury, but will also improve your performance.

    The first step to finding the right running shoes is visiting a reputable sporting goods store in NJ that has a great selection of shoes. Bring the shoes you usually wear when you run so the associate can get an idea of what type of shoes you need and how you wear them. Watch the video clip for more tips on how to choose the right running shoes.

    For professional assistance in choosing the right running shoes for you, come to Efinger Sporting Goods. We have been the leading sporting goods store in NJ for more than 100 years. Call us at (732) 564-5101 or visit our website for more information about our wide selection of fitness apparel, sports equipment, training gear, and more.

    Tips for Motivating Your Kids to Be Active

    Last updated 20 days ago

    Did you know that active kids are usually healthier, better in school, and happier than kids who don’t get enough exercise? Sometimes motivating your kids to be active is as simple as visiting a great sporting goods store in NJ and picking out some sports equipment they’ll love. For more advice that should help interest your children in physical activity, read this article.

    Pay Attention to Your Child’s Particular Interests

    Do your kids seem to love being in the water? If so, water sports like swimming and water polo could be a great activity for them. If your child is watching certain sports on TV or playing certain sports video games, inspire them to give that particular sport a try in real life. When encouraging your child to pursue a sport or activity, keep in mind that some children take to playing on teams, while others prefer solo sports.

    Exercise With Your Kids

    Try playing catch with your children, going for a swim, or going on a long biking trip—whatever gets their heart rate up and is fun for everyone is a good bet. Experiment with different outdoor activities and pretty soon you will have active kids with a better idea of the activities they love.

    Shop at a Sports Equipment Store

    Instead of dropping by sporting goods stores without your kids, bring them along. This is a great chance to see which sections they gravitate towards. It also gives you the opportunity to buy the exact size and color sporting goods your kids want.

    Talk to Your Kids about the Benefits of Exercise

    Make sure your kids know how important regular exercise is for them. In addition to giving them strong muscles and bones, regular exercise provides weight control. It gives them a decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, improves their sleep, and gives them a better outlook on life.

    At Efinger Sporting Goods, we have provided a wide range of sports equipment in NJ since 1909. To learn more about the sporting goods we offer, visit our website. And if you have any questions about our sporting goods store, call us at (732) 564-5101.

    Tips for Choosing a Bicycle

    Last updated 27 days ago

    Riding a bicycle can reduce your fuel costs, help you get in shape, and even help you explore new and exciting parts of town. But before you jump on any old bicycle, find a bike that’s right for you. For starters, think about where you will be riding. If you are riding on trails, a mountain bike is more appropriate than a beach cruiser. Also, a bike for fitness is different than a bike for fun. It’s important that you find a bike that fits, which means that your leg should be at a slight bend when the pedal is at its lowest point in the rotation. Of course, you want to make sure that you like the way your bike looks. Also, don’t forget the helmet!

    No matter what type of bicycle you are looking for, the bicycle department here at Efinger Sporting Goods of NJ can help you find exactly what you are looking for. We also have one of the largest selections of sporting goods and equipment in the state. Call our sporting goods store today at (888) 760-1151 for help finding your next bicycle!  

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