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How to Clean Your Bike Chain

Part of achieving a good bicycle ride comes from properly cleaning its various parts, including the bike chain. The necessary cleaning supplies and bicycle parts can be found at sporting goods stores, where other bicycle sports gear can be found, as well.

Watch the video for an extensive look at cleaning a bicycle chain. Use gloves when handling a degreaser solution. Paint it on the chain with a brush, and use a chain-specific cleaning brush to reach the inside links. Clean the degreaser off with a sponge and soapy water. Make sure the chain is completely dry and add lubricant.

When looking for the right cleaning supplies and sports equipment, call Efinger Sporting Goods at (732) 356-0604. We have specialized in Bound Brook sports equipment for over 100 years. Visit us online or call us to learn more.

Where to Fish for Bass in New Jersey

Largemouth and smallmouth bass thrive in New Jersey, as most sporting goods stores can tell you. There are many lakes and reservoirs where anglers find some great fishing close to home. Keep reading for a brief look at some of the most popular bass fishing spots around the state.

Lake Hopatcong

Bass can be found in both shallow and deep water, although young bass tend to stick to shallower waters. Lake Hopatcong’s depths are primarily found to be 15 feet or less, making this an ideal fishing spot for young bass. There are many areas throughout the lake, such as rock piles and docks, which bass can easily be found around, as well.

Greenwood Lake

Greenwood Lake can be a very productive area to fish for bass, as long as you remain aware of your depths. This lake was once dammed from its predecessor, Long Pond. Now, the dam can still be found with depth recorders, but there are several areas where the lake becomes drastically shallow without warning. When fishing for bass or any other species at Greenwood Lake, it is best to be prepared for depth changes and unexpected terrain.

Manasquan Reservoir

The Manasquan Reservoir is routinely stocked with fish. The reservoir was also created with various subsurface structures and areas that better allow fish to spawn and reproduce, making this area an ideal fishing spot for bass. Manasquan Reservoir only allows trolling motors into the waters, and there are strict rules against shore fishing.

Union Lake

Union Lake was originally an unsafe lake, due to an old dam in disarray and a high arsenic count. Once it was deemed safe, in 1990, the lake reopened and the bass population was found to be thriving. There are many subsurface structures located around the shores where fishermen can easily find bass.

No one knows fishing like Efinger Sporting Goods, your Bound Brook sports store. We have all of the sports accessories you could need to go fishing in New Jersey. Call us at (732) 356-0604 to get ahold of one of our sporting goods experts.

Ways to Start Lifting Weights

There are many ways to start achieving your fitness goals and begin lifting weights. You can head to your sporting goods store to purchase a basic set of weights in addition to working out at your local gym or recreation center.

When you begin lifting weights, be safe and listen to your body at all times. Consult your doctor before beginning any workout or diet regimen. Easy ways to begin lifting weights are to work with a trainer or look up trusted resources that offer lifting guides. Many of these resources will have a suggested routine of lifting exercises to target the areas you are hoping to tone or build up. Work out in front of a mirror to ensure that you have the correct form; this will keep you from injuring yourself.

Efinger Sporting Goods has all the sporting goods and athletic equipment you could need to get in shape. Whether you need weights, punching bags, or fitness benches, you can find it at our sporting goods store in Bound Brook. Visit us online or call us at (732) 356-0604 to see what we have in stock.

What to Look For in a Fishing Rod

All fishing rods are not created equal. Each one has its own attributes and drawbacks. Continue reading to learn what you need in a good fishing rod from your local sporting goods store.

It should be able to handle what you are fishing.

There are several brands, styles, and materials that make up fishing rods. Each are better for specific types of fishing. For example, a fiberglass rod is flexible but strong. You may prefer a fiberglass rod if you are fishing in rougher waters. Graphite is another fishing rod material that may be easier and lighter to handle, but it has a potential to break. The fishing experts at your sporting goods store can help you determine the correct material and brand of fishing rod to buy.

It should be compatible with your reel.

If you already have a fishing reel you prefer to use, then you need a rod that is compatible. You would also determine your fishing rod and reel combination based on what you are fishing and how experienced you are. A spincast reel is good for beginners and children. You may want to pair this type of reel with a fiberglass rod, especially if you are just learning to fish.

It should be comfortable when you fish.

When looking for a fishing rod that you will likely use for years to come and during many fishing trips, you need a rod that is going to be comfortable. Fishing rods come in a variety of sizes, handle grip styles, and materials. Each of these factors and more are going to determine how that rod feels in your hands after hours of fishing. Test it out, along with your other sports gear, before you go fishing to make sure it is the best rod for you.

Come down to Efinger Sporting Goods for all of your fishing and sports accessories in Bound Brook. We have everything you will need for your big fishing trip, whether you are going ice fishing or surf fishing. We’re available for all of your questions at (732) 356-0604.

How to Support Your Young Baseball Player

Supporting your young athlete involves more than going to the sporting goods store. Your team player should be physically healthy and learn to have a good attitude on the field. Keep reading for some tips on supporting your burgeoning baseball star.

Keep Your Player Healthy

Above all, your young baseball player should be healthy enough to play the game. Make sure he is getting enough sleep at night. Encourage a healthy consumption of water and electrolytes. Help your baseball player to choose the correct foods that promote healthy energy and support an active lifestyle. Speak to your child about the dangers of recreational drugs and steroids. Help him to understand the negative effects unhealthy choices can have on his baseball career and the rest of his life.

Celebrate Personal Accomplishments

Stay away from negativity when a mistake happens, such as missing a catch or losing a game. Instead, help your child to set goals for the next game or the next practice. He can set a personal goal to work on his speed and endurance, so he can hopefully catch the ball the next time. Try not to focus on if a game was won or lost; focus on your child’s personal best, as well as how the team worked as a whole. This will set more positive goals and feelings of accomplishment as your child’s baseball career continues.

Cheer On the Whole Team

Baseball isn’t a sport that is won alone, but with the entire team working together. Your child is part of that team, so cheering everyone on will give him the best kind of support he could use during a game. If you are able to offer team support during practices, that is helpful too. This behavior will also reinforce to your child that he is part of a team and should work to support them.

Do you want to support your baseball player with quality sports equipment at your local sports store in Bound Brooke? Come down to Efinger Sporting Goods for all of your sports gear and apparel, or give us a call at (732) 356-0604.

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