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    What You Need to Have in Your Tackle Box

    Last updated 3 days ago

    With winter near and your next fishing trip likely several months away, now is a good time to reflect on this past fishing season. What did you catch? Did you cast a line as frequently as you would have liked? As you set new goals and update your fishing equipment and accessories for the next season, visit a sporting goods store to pick up anything on this list that is not already in your tackle box.


    Live bait, plastic worms, and metal fishing lures all deserve a place in most fishing tackle boxes. Using your preferred fishing methods as a guide, consider what types of lures and bait are best for you. Make an effort to keep your supply of bait well-stocked so that you never run out.

    Hooks, Bobbers, and Sinkers

    Bait draws fish to your line. Your fishing rod and reel bring the catch from the water to your boat or dock. To be made aware of bites and secure your catches, however, you need a hook, a hook sinker, and a bobber. Since hooks and sinkers are known to slip away from time to time, carry an ample supply of these fishing accessories in your tackle box.

    Extra Line

    Broken line is to anglers what flat tires are to cyclists. Both are time-consuming nuisances, but both can be taken care of quickly and easily if the right equipment is on hand. Never leave for a fishing trip without extra line in your tackle box. Choose the dimensions and strength of the line based on where you will be fishing and the fish you are trying to catch.


    How else are you going to remove those hooks from the fish you catch? A pair of needle nose pliers can also come in handy for flattening hook barbs, tightening knots, and cutting line while you are out fishing.

    First-Aid Kit

    Most fishing trips yield no more than small scrapes and bruises where personal injuries are concerned. In the event that you are injured or fall ill on your next fishing trip, however, a first-aid kit can really come in handy.

    If you are looking for a one-stop sporting goods store where you can get all of the equipment you need to pursue your passion for fishing in New Jersey, visit Efinger Sporting Goods in Bound Brook. To ask about the fishing rods, reels, tools, and accessories in our inventory, give us a call at (732) 564-5101.

    Your Guide to Essential Fishing Gear

    Last updated 11 days ago

    A favorite pastime on the lakes, rivers, and coastal shores of New Jersey, fishing is a great way to catch up with buddies or spend a few hours disconnected from modern technology and appreciating nature. If you are planning your first fishing outing and wish to ensure that you have all the gear you need to cast a line with a chance of feeling a tug, read through this checklist before or during your pre-trip visit to the local sporting goods store.

    Rod and Reel

    Unless you are fishing in a primitive way, a rod and reel will be essential in helping you to cast a line and reel in any fish you catch. Choose the length and style of rod and reel you use based on your experience, where you are fishing, and the type of fish you are hoping to catch.

    Fishing Line

    Fishing line helps you expand your fishing radius and support the weight of a fish as you attempt to hoist it onto a dock or into a boat. Since fishing line snaps and breaks frequently, always keep some extra line on hand.

    Bait and Bobbers

    Your tackle box should contain artificial lures, live bait, or both. Without enticing bait, you will have a whale of a time getting a good catch. A bobber can help you determine whether you have gotten a bite whenever you are unsure.

    Hooks and Sinkers

    Fishing hooks come in several sizes. Store hooks of various sizes in your tackle box, alternating hooks based on what it you are trying to catch. To give your bait and hook that gravitational push down below the water’s surface, attach a sinker to your fishing rig.

    Sun Protection

    As you are likely to spend several hours in the sun on a fishing trip, it is important to remember to bring and use sunscreen and a hat or visor. Some fishermen also like to wear long sleeves for additional protection, thin and loose when it is warm out.   

    If you live in New Jersey and are looking for reels, rods, tackle, lures, and other fishing tools, visit Efinger Sporting Goods in Bound Brook. We carry tools for bait fishing and fly fishing, and have proudly served New Jersey residents since 1909. To speak with a sales or service representative about our fishing tools and equipment or anything else in our 50,000 square feet of inventory, call (732) 564-5101.

    How to Shoot in Wrestling

    Last updated 18 days ago

    Are you new to the world of wrestling and wanting to learn more about the sport? For a demonstration and step-by-step instructions on carrying out a basic penetration shot, check out this video clip.

    In it, an experienced wrestler discusses the importance of getting the basic penetration shot down in order to perform well in a wrestling match and offers helpful advice for beginners looking to improve. If you would like to get this shot down and perform other wrestling practice in your New Jersey home gym and are looking for the accessories and athletic wear that can help you practice safely and comfortably, visit Efinger Sporting Goods. To enquire about the protective gear, apparel, and wrestling accessories we carry, call (732) 564-5101.

    A Brief History of Efinger Sporting Goods

    Last updated 26 days ago

    It all started in Bound Brook, NJ in 1909. George A. Efinger opened a newsstand, billiard parlor, and bowling alley. Catering to those looking to spend their leisure time engaging in sport and recreation, Efinger soon realized that many of his clients liked to fish and hunt when the weather was suitable. He started to stock gear and supplies required for hunting and fishing trips. Efinger Sporting Goods has adapted to ever-changing recreational interests ever since.

    In the decades following, Efinger Sporting Goods became the primary distribution point for sports equipment and apparel manufactured by top sporting brands in the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. In 1974, the sporting goods store moved from its Main Street location to its current address on Union Avenue.

    Now operating out of a state-of-the-art facility constructed in 2005, Efinger Sporting Goods is the fourth largest team dealer in the United States. Now operating for more than a century, Efinger Sporting Goods is also the oldest and largest family owned and operated sporting goods store in New Jersey.

    The Many Benefits of Bicycling [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Do you remember what it felt like the first time you rode a bicycle when you were a kid? Riding a bicycle is fun no matter how old you are, and can have a variety of benefits for your emotional and physical health. Unlike other physical activities, such as running, bicycling is low-impact, so it puts less strain on your joints and is ideal for people who are recovering from injuries. Studies have shown that people who ride bicycles to work have less stress than those who commute by car or mass transit, making biking a smart choice for your brain and your body. Check out this Infographic from Efinger Sporting Goods, your home for sporting goods in New Jersey, to learn more about the benefits of bicycling for fitness and for fun. Please share with your friends and family!

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