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Understanding Rest and Recovery

Not everything that you’ll need for the game can be found in the sports store. Although rest and recovery are both important for your mindset and your sharpness, they are not exactly the same thing. However, you do need both in order to stay at the top of your game. Keep reading if you are interested in understanding rest and recovery.


The biggest difference between rest and recovery is that one is a passive process, while the other is more active. Resting occurs when you’re not physically engaged in an activity. This might include taking a nap, lying down on the couch, or doing any type of relaxing activity that doesn’t elevate your heart rate. You can typically tell if you need a day of rest by considering your heart rate and the way your body feels. If your resting heart rate is higher than it usually is or should be, resting might be more important than working out.


While you need to rest in order to replenish your energy, recovery is a more active process. Small tears in your muscle fibers are necessary in order to build up muscle and make your workout count, and a minimal to moderate amount of movement can help you repair these tears. If it’s a recovery day for you, consider taking a light jog to the sports store rather than heading to the gym and doing a normal workout.

Why You Need Both

Rest and recovery are both crucial aspects of exercise and physical fitness. The amount of rest you need depends on your exercise regimen, your physical wellness, and your individual circumstances, but a typical rest period should last for 2 days. Recovery, on the other hand, is more objective. Make sure you recover at least once every week to stay in top shape.

In addition to rest and recovery, you’ll need the right sporting goods in Bound Brook to stay in the game. At Efinger Sporting Goods, we offer everything from tennis equipment to bikes and skateboards. Call us at (732) 356-0604 to learn more about our athletic equipment.

How to Make Crimped Pike Leaders

No matter how good you are at fishing, you’ll need the right equipment. If you haven’t gone to the sports store to get your leaders, watch this video on how to make crimped pike leaders.

You can start making your crimped pike leaders by sliding crimp covers on both sides of your wire, and then place your first crimp followed by a swivel and make a loop with the wire. Some of the crimp should be showing on both sides of the jaws of your pliers. Use a small drop of glue and place the cover over the crimp, leaving 14 to 18 inches of wire. Then repeat this process on the other end.

Efinger Sporting Goods is a sports store in Bound Brook that is eager to equip you with any type of fishing or athletic equipment that you need. Call our sports store at (732) 356-0604 for more details about our baseball, basketball, and boating equipment.

Achieving Better Basketball Shooting Form

Once you’ve gone to the sports store, begun practicing, and nailed down the basics, you can start to work on your specific technique to improve your game. When it comes to basketball, shooting the ball is an important element. Take a look ahead for advice on achieving better basketball shooting form.

Bend and Lift

If you want to master your basketball shooting form, make sure you’re bending your knees. Lower your body into something close to a squatting position while keeping your wrist and elbow at a right angle. When you are ready to take your shot, you will want to lift your legs and your arms at the same time. Remember to hold the right angle with your wrist and elbow as you lift both your legs and your arms and prepare to jump and shoot the basketball.

Extend Your Arm

After you have gotten your foundation down, you can practice extending your arms and releasing the ball for a shot. As you begin to jump, start extending the arm that you shoot with upwards and towards the net. Your legs are important for positioning and stability, but it will be your arms that actually make the shot. Each element of the motion is equally important, however, if you want to make sure your shot ends up in the net.

Snap and Hold

Extending your arm will push the ball into the air, but it doesn’t constitute a good shot. This is why you’ll need to snap your wrist and put a backspin on the ball as you reach full extension. There is no way to tell for sure if your shot will make it into the net until it actually happens, but you can increase your chances by holding your posture after shooting the ball with your fingers lining up with the net.

Are you in need of some new sports accessories in Bound Brook to help you improve your basketball game? Call Efinger Sporting Goods at (732) 356-0604 or visit our website. In addition to basketball and athletic equipment, our sport store specializes in boat safety equipment, sleeping bags, and hunting gear.

Does Your Baseball Bat Need Grip Tape?

Do you find that your bat is difficult or uncomfortable to grip? If so, then you may benefit from adding grip tape to its handle. Grip tape for baseball bats come in rolls of material that are sticky on 1 side and have a specially designed gripping surface on the other. Grip tape is carried in most sports stores and comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to customize your bat with your favorite colors or those of your team.

Grip tape gives your bat’s handle a cushioning surface that can make it more comfortable to grip. More importantly, however, it increases your ability to hold your bat, meaning that your grip will be more secure and that your swings can be more consistent.

Efinger Sporting Goods has everything that you need to get geared up for baseball season. To learn about the sports equipment that we carry at our sporting goods store in Bound Brook, please call us today at (732) 356-0604.

Fly Fishing 101

Have you recently developed an interest in fly fishing? If so, then there are a few facts that you should know about this sport before stocking up with sports equipment and fishing gear at your local sporting goods store. Continue reading to learn about the basics of fly fishing.

Knowing Where to Fly Fish

One of the best things about fly fishing is that it can be done in lakes, streams, and even in the ocean. In most cases, choosing a location to fly fish depends on the type of fish you’re after. For this reason, you should familiarize yourself with your local fishing spots and what game fish live there.

Choosing a Fly Fishing Rod

In order to fly fish, you will need to use a rod designed for the sport. Fly fishing rods differ from other rods, and there is also a great deal of variation between types of fly fishing rods. The type of rod that you should use will depend on where you would like to fish and what game you’re hoping to catch.

Selecting a Reel and Line

Your fly reel will prove to be an important part of your fly fishing gear, and the type that you need will, again, often depend on what fish you want to catch. When it comes to the fishing line, this also depends on the fish you’re after, as well as the type of fly you choose to use.

Getting a Leader and Tippet

In addition to a rod, reel, and line, you will need a fly fishing leader, which is used to connect your fly to your line in a way that makes your bait convincing for the fish. Also, tippets are pieces of specialized line that connect to the leader and help the fly appear like the insect it’s meant to imitate.

If you’re ready to give fly fishing a try, then call Efinger Sporting Goods at (732) 356-0604. Our sporting goods store in Bound Brook has a full-service fly fishing shop and carries a broad range of tying materials.

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