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Essential Bike Riding Accessories

No matter your choice of activity, having the right sports equipment is vital for staying safe and having fun. Cycling may seem intimidating initially, but the right accessories will help you get started. If you’re wondering what equipment is essential for bike riding, watch the following video.

Before taking off on your bike, you will need a helmet to protect your head in case you fall or have an accident. Next, be sure to take water along. Most bikes come with water bottle cages or can be fitted with one. In the case of a flat, you will need a spare tube, tire levers, and a travel-sized tire pump to get back on the road.

Efinger Sporting Goods carries a variety of sports equipment in Bound Brook. If you’re looking for bicycles or bicycle parts, call us today at (732) 356-0604 to learn more about our athletic equipment.

How to Choose the Right Baseball Cleats

Your baseball cleats are a sports equipment essential. Cleats offer traction on the field and can improve your athletic performance. Use this guide to determine the best type of cleats for your needs:

Turf Cleats

Turf cleats provide more comfort but less performance than some other types of cleats. Players typically wear turf cleats when training or practicing, or if they require more comfort for their feet. If you train in a turf facility or spend long days on the field for tournaments, turf cleats are an ideal choice.

Molded Cleats

Designed to offer comfort by spreading a high number of cleats across the bottom of the shoe, molded cleats are a popular choice for many athletes. Made from a variety of materials, molded cleats are often affordable, and are the smart choice for players that are still growing and will need a new pair in the near future. Molded cleats offer more traction than turf cleats, but less than metal ones.

Metal Cleats

Of the different types of cleats, metal ones provide the most traction. Because the cleats are thin in shape, they penetrate the ground more easily and offer better grip than other options. They are excellent for use on grass and dirt but are less effective if you play on turf. Because of their shape, metal cleats are highly effective on many surfaces but are also hazardous. The metal can injure the person wearing them or other players during sliding plays. For this reason, only certain, high-competition leagues permit their use.

Interchangeable Cleats

Ideal for players who play in multiple leagues, interchangeable cleats can be either metal or molded. Depending on your needs, you attach the cleats of your choice using screws. Interchangeable cleats offer versatility, but they are usually heavier than other options due to their extra hardware.

Are you looking for the best in athletic equipment for your upcoming season? If so, call Efinger Sporting Goods today at (732) 356-0604. We supply a broad range of baseball cleats and sports accessories in Bound Brook.

Preparing Your Kids for Camping

Before embarking on your first family camping trip, there are some steps you can take to help ensure that your kids have fun and stay safe while exploring nature. Instead of an overnight adventure, consider starting with a day trip to the outdoors. Spending an afternoon hiking or at a lake will show you how your kids react to an outdoor environment and can prepare you to pack essentials and sports equipment for your camping trip that you may not think of otherwise.

Once you’re ready to go camping, make a point to show your own enthusiasm for the outing. Staying positive will help your kids overlook the inconveniences that come along with camping such as mosquitoes and outhouses. Also, take the time to teach your children about safety in the outdoors and around wildlife, and give them each their own whistle to wear in case they get separated from the rest of the family.

Are you looking for a sporting goods store in Bound Brook? Efinger Sporting Goods carries a broad range of sports accessories and camping supplies for all of your outdoor needs. Contact us today at (732) 356-0604 to learn more about our variety of sports equipment.

Bond with Your Kids During Fishing

Today, just about everyone is busy with work, school, or other activities, and it can be challenging to set quality time aside to spend with your children. If it’s been a while since you’ve pulled out your rods and sports equipment, consider taking your kids fishing as a way to bond and build memories together.

Broaden Their Horizons

Their first trip to a bait and tackle shop can be hugely entertaining for children. Allowing them to explore and guess at the uses for different hooks can expand their creative thinking while building their enthusiasm for the trip. If your kids have never been on a boat ride, this too will be a fun and memorable experience for them. Battling the wind, sun, and waves gets them out in nature while strengthening their bond with the outdoors.

Engage and Educate

If your children spend the bulk of their free time in front of a television or playing video games, it may be difficult to keep them from becoming bored and restless while waiting for a bite. To keep things entertaining and educational, make wait time into game time by quizzing them on the different types of lures, fish, and bait. Teaching your children to string their fishing poles, cast a line, and reel in their first catch can build timeless experiences for everyone.

Create Memories

When it’s just you and your kids out on the boat, you’ll have the chance to talk with them at length, something that can be difficult to achieve regularly. While patiently untangling fishing lines, plucking hooks from your fingertips, and convincing your kids not to spend more time playing with the worms than watching their rods, you can create priceless memories to look back on fondly for years to come.

Efinger Sporting Goods carries a massive range of fishing gear and sporting goods in Bound Brook. You can reach our sport store at (732) 356-0604 to learn more about our sports equipment and supplies.

Tips for Maintaining Your Bike

Keeping your bike clean can be a hassle, but giving it a quick washing after a dusty or muddy ride can help improve the lifespan of your sports equipment. Watch this video for tips on maintaining your bike.

Begin by applying a chain degreaser to your chain and the cassette, giving them a spin as you add the degreaser, which you can pick up at your local sport store. While the degreaser is working, start wiping down the rest of the bike using hot, soapy water, beginning with the handlebars and saddle.

For sports equipment in Bound Brook, contact Efinger Sporting Goods at (732) 356-0604. We’re the largest family-owned supplier of sports apparel and sports equipment in New Jersey and offer league discounts for your sports team.

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