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    Basic Wrestling Moves for Beginners

    Last updated 1 day 6 hours ago

    Wrestling consists of various complex moves that are designed to give you the power to lockdown your challenger and emerge victorious. It can all seem rather complicated when you're starting out, so it's best to master some of the basic moves at first and advance from there.

    The Wrestling Stance

    There are basically two ways to stand in wrestling: square or staggered. With the former, you stand with your feet just beyond shoulder-width and distribute your bodyweight evenly. With the staggered stance, you place one foot before the other and lean your weight onto that front foot. In both stances, bend your knees, put your chest forward, and point your rear backwards. Hold your hands in front with your elbows bent against your torso.

    The Takedown Shot

    The most common and reliable takedown move is the double-leg shot. From the staggered stance, bend the knees to drop your head and body lower than your opponent’s and step your leading foot between your opponent’s feet and grab his legs at the knee. Driving forward, drop to your front knee and plant your trailing foot up beside your opponent. Push off of your planted foot and lift your opponent’s legs as you drive him sharply to one side. Make sure that you end up in a position of control once your opponent has hit the mat.

    Near Fall and Pinning

    Once you have taken your opponent down, you can gain more points and win the match by putting him on his back. If you can expose his back to the mat for at least three seconds, regardless of whether his back actually touches the ground, you will earn near fall points. By forcing your opponent’s shoulder blades against the mat for two seconds, you will pin him and win the match.

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    Why You Should Choose Efinger Sporting Goods?

    Last updated 9 days ago

    Some retail outlets offer sporting goods as one of several types of products for sale. Efinger Sporting Goods, founded and based in Bound Brook, NJ since 1909, specializes in sporting goods, equipment, and apparel and sells nothing else.

    Our focus on sporting goods has allowed us to amass one of the most impressive inventories of sports equipment that can be found anywhere. We offer apparel, gear, and accessories for sports ranging from basketball and soccer to fishing and hunting. Virtually all of the top brands are featured in our inventory, and we do our best to make the sporting goods we sell as affordable as possible.

    As one of the oldest and largest team and club sporting goods distributors in the country, we proudly work with local NJ teams to meet their uniform and practice equipment needs. Our dedicated, knowledgeable staff is also happy to help serve individual consumers shopping for themselves and their children. To enquire about our team sales or anything stocked in our 50,000 square foot Bound Brook facility, call Efinger Sporting Goods (732) 564-5101.

    Helping Your Child Succeed at Basketball

    Last updated 16 days ago

    There is fierce debate in the sporting community about whether baseball or football is America’s de facto national sport. Fans of basketball, however, do not hesitate to claim that the sport’s history and timeless appeal qualify it for the same honor. The fast-paced, high-scoring nature of the sport makes it especially appealing to many younger Americans. If your child has taken an interest in basketball and you want nothing more than to see your child realize his or her full potential, here are some tips for you.

    Avoid Pressuring Your Child

    You want your child to succeed, and you know that she may need to push herself to reach her full potential. As a supportive parent, however, it is important to resist any urges you have to pressure your child to work harder to hone a certain skill or change his or her playing style. Encouragement can be helpful, but pressure is more often than not debilitating.

    Learn the Sport

    If your child’s interest in basketball appears strong, familiarize yourself with the objective, setup, and rules of the game. This will help you understand your children’s concerns and desires for improvement, making you a more authoritative and helpful resource as she accumulates more practice or experience. You can even offer to practice and play basketball with your child, paving the way for a binding experience you and your child will cherish.

    Show Up for Games

    Another great way to support your child’s endeavors to become a basketball star is to turn up to games and watch attentively. Cheer your child and her team on, offering words of congratulations, sympathy, and encouragement where appropriate following games.

    Invest in Your Child’s Passion

    A new pair of practice clothes or basketball-specific shoes can provide your child with comfort and confidence that make improvement easier. A new basketball as a birthday or holiday gift may light up her day. We are not encouraging you to lavish expensive sporting goods on your child, but basketball-oriented gifts and rewards are a great way to encourage further dedication to the sport.

    Would you like to show your child your support by investing in a new basketball or basketball accessories that will further enable your child to practice and improve his or her skills? If you live in New Jersey, Efinger Sporting Goods has the solutions you are looking for. For information about the sports equipment in our inventory or our current sales specials, call (732) 564-5101.

    How to Cast a Fishing Rod

    Last updated 25 days ago

    Are you preparing to go fishing for the first time in your life? Or have you been on several outings, but never learned how to properly cast a fishing rod? Either way, you should spare a minute of your time for this instructional YouTube clip.

    In it, an experienced angler demonstrates step-by-step how to prepare a fishing rod. He also shows how to prepare a safety check, release the rod, cast it, and reel it back in once a fish has taken your bait.

    If you do not already have a fully stocked tackle box, you will need to visit a sporting goods store before heading on your next fishing trip. For access to an excellent selection of fishing reels, rods, and tackle in New Jersey, visit Efinger Sporting Goods in Bound Brook. For information about the brands or specific fishing gear we carry, call (732) 564-5101. 

    What You Need to Have in Your Tackle Box

    Last updated 29 days ago

    With winter near and your next fishing trip likely several months away, now is a good time to reflect on this past fishing season. What did you catch? Did you cast a line as frequently as you would have liked? As you set new goals and update your fishing equipment and accessories for the next season, visit a sporting goods store to pick up anything on this list that is not already in your tackle box.


    Live bait, plastic worms, and metal fishing lures all deserve a place in most fishing tackle boxes. Using your preferred fishing methods as a guide, consider what types of lures and bait are best for you. Make an effort to keep your supply of bait well-stocked so that you never run out.

    Hooks, Bobbers, and Sinkers

    Bait draws fish to your line. Your fishing rod and reel bring the catch from the water to your boat or dock. To be made aware of bites and secure your catches, however, you need a hook, a hook sinker, and a bobber. Since hooks and sinkers are known to slip away from time to time, carry an ample supply of these fishing accessories in your tackle box.

    Extra Line

    Broken line is to anglers what flat tires are to cyclists. Both are time-consuming nuisances, but both can be taken care of quickly and easily if the right equipment is on hand. Never leave for a fishing trip without extra line in your tackle box. Choose the dimensions and strength of the line based on where you will be fishing and the fish you are trying to catch.


    How else are you going to remove those hooks from the fish you catch? A pair of needle nose pliers can also come in handy for flattening hook barbs, tightening knots, and cutting line while you are out fishing.

    First-Aid Kit

    Most fishing trips yield no more than small scrapes and bruises where personal injuries are concerned. In the event that you are injured or fall ill on your next fishing trip, however, a first-aid kit can really come in handy.

    If you are looking for a one-stop sporting goods store where you can get all of the equipment you need to pursue your passion for fishing in New Jersey, visit Efinger Sporting Goods in Bound Brook. To ask about the fishing rods, reels, tools, and accessories in our inventory, give us a call at (732) 564-5101.

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