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Retailer of all types of sports equipment, clothing, athletic gear, hunting and fishing gear since 1909.

The Efinger Sporting Goods Story

At Efinger Sporting Goods, we take pride in being one of the oldest and largest sporting goods stores in the nation. Our first store was opened in Bound Brook, New Jersey in 1909. In 2005, a new store was built at the original store’s location. Our current store is 50,000 square feet, and is home to a 1,000 gallon shark tank, as well as high-quality athletic equipment, sports apparel, and accessories for all of your sports, hunting, or camping needs.

We are a family owned and operated local business, and we treat our customers like part of the family. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find exactly what you need for your sports team or outdoor adventures. We make it convenient for our customers to shop with us in person or from the comfort of their home. We quickly fulfill orders through our online store, and offer customer service over the phone and via email.

We look forward to your visit, whether in person or online. Our staff is standing by to offer advice and customer service for all of your sporting goods needs. Contact us today at (732) 356-0604, or visit us in person at our store.

Tips for Buying a Camping Tent

With the right camping tent, you can enjoy camping in any season. A camping tent can last for many years, so if you choose the right tent, you will not need to replace it for a long time. This means that it may be in your best interests to purchase a more expensive, higher quality tent from a sporting goods store.

Sleeping Capacity

There is no industry standard for tents to determine how many people each tent can hold. This means that you’ll need to choose a tent that looks big enough to comfortably hold you and any other people, equipment, and animals who may be with you. Any tent is going to be a close fit for more than one person, so assume that you will be sleeping very close to your companions.

Choose a Season-Appropriate Tent

Tents are available for any season. As weather varies from region to region, discuss your needs with someone at your local sporting goods store. If you want to use your tent year-round, consider purchasing a 3-season or 4-season tent. 3-season tents are lightweight and are designed for mild weather in spring, summer, and fall. They will protect you from light rain and snow, but not from extreme storms or heavy snow. 4-season tents can withstand high winds and heavy snow. They are insulated to provide more warmth, which may make them uncomfortable in warmer climates.

Tent Features

Camping tents are available in various styles. When choosing a tent, evaluate features light height, style, and the number of doors. If you want to be able to stand up in your tent, look at the peak height of each tent to find the tallest one. Cabin-style tents are very tall, and also feature room dividers and even awnings to make them more comfortable for a large group.

If you’re looking for tents, camping furniture, or camping accessories in Bridgewater, visit us at Efinger’s Sporting Goods. We sell a wide range of camping equipment at great prices. Call us today at (732) 356-0604 or visit our online store for more information.

Tips for Choosing Boxing Gloves

Gloves are crucial in boxing, even if you’re just taking a boxing class for fun or fitness purposes. Boxing gloves protect your hands from injury, and even if you’re only using them once a week you will want to invest in good quality gloves that will last. Paying more for gloves now will save you from injury and stress down the road.

The padding in the gloves is what provides the most protection. As a general rule, the cheaper the glove is, the cheaper or less effective its padding will be. A really great pair of boxing gloves can cost upwards of $100, but it is well worth the investment. Another factor to consider is the weight of your gloves. Gloves are available in 14, 15 and 16-ounce weights. Many boxing gyms require that your gloves have a weigh of 16 ounces.

If you’re searching for boxing gloves or other sports equipment in the Bridgewater area, call Efinger Sporting Goods today at (732) 356-0604. You can also check out our extensive selection of sporting goods and apparel for baseball, basketball, boxing, soccer, volleyball, wrestlintg, golf, cycling, and other sports on our website.

Must Have Gear for Swimmers

Whether you’re on a swim team or just swimming for personal fitness, having the right equipment in the pool will make swimming safer and more fun. Your local sporting goods store likely carries all of the sports equipment and apparel for your aquatic needs. Read this guide to determine which swim gear is a must-have, and which will simply make your swim experience easier.

Crucial Gear

All swimmers need goggles to protect their eyes from the pool’s harsh chemicals. Goggles are particularly important for those who wear contact lenses or who want to maintain clear vision underwater. Goggles even come in handy when you’re at a public pool with other swimmers who may be kicking and splashing. Swim caps are another necessary purchase. Many public pools, especially in gyms, require swimmers to wear caps. Swim caps protect your hair from chlorine and will help you keep your hair out of your face while you’re swimming.

Non-Crucial Gear

Unless you only plan on swimming in your own pool at home, you’ll probably want a bag to tote around all of your swim gear. A mesh bag will hold all of your equipment while allowing it to dry out after you leave the pool. If you’re trying to get the most out of your workout while swimming, you may consider purchasing training equipment like kickboards, pull-buoys, or hand paddles to increase your resistance in the water and build strength and endurance.

Fun Gear

Swimmers of any age will appreciate having some extra fun in the water. Waterproof headphones and digital music players can boost your workout performance by making it more dynamic and fun. A waterproof watch or stopwatch can help you time your workout or enhance your training.

If you’re interested in sports equipment or sports accessories in Bridgewater, visit Efinger Sporting Goods today. Go to their website to browse their products, or call us at (732) 356-0604 to speak with a knowledgeable member of our staff.

Choosing Golf Apparel

The sport of golf has always been known as a fashionable one, and most golf courses have strict dress codes that players must adhere to. These fashion rules are not just about looking great, but about maintaining etiquette and comfort. Watch this video to hear golf pro Michael Samaniego discuss golf apparel and how to dress for the game.

Once you have some inspiration, visit Efinger Sporting Goods to choose some new golf apparel. Efinger has been selling sporting goods, including athletic equipment and apparel, in the Bridgewater area since 1909. Call Efinger today at (732) 356-0604 or check out their online store to learn more about the sporting goods and apparel we offer for men, women, and children.

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