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    The Many Benefits of Bicycling [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 1 day 23 hours ago

    Do you remember what it felt like the first time you rode a bicycle when you were a kid? Riding a bicycle is fun no matter how old you are, and can have a variety of benefits for your emotional and physical health. Unlike other physical activities, such as running, bicycling is low-impact, so it puts less strain on your joints and is ideal for people who are recovering from injuries. Studies have shown that people who ride bicycles to work have less stress than those who commute by car or mass transit, making biking a smart choice for your brain and your body. Check out this Infographic from Efinger Sporting Goods, your home for sporting goods in New Jersey, to learn more about the benefits of bicycling for fitness and for fun. Please share with your friends and family!

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    The Top Reasons for Kids to Play Team Sports

    Last updated 2 days 4 hours ago

    Team sports offer an outlet for children to have fun, get the exercise they need, and develop social and life skills. To understand more about how participation in team sports can benefit children and adolescents, continue reading below.

    Physical Health and Development

    Regular exercise is important to the health of a person at all times during his or her life. For children and adolescents who are still developing physically, however, it is especially important. The more bone density a person develops early in life, the less likely that person is to break bones as an adult.

    Improving flexibility and building muscle strength at a younger age can also make it easier to remain strong and agile later in life. Participation in team sports is a great complement to a child’s physical education curriculum in promoting optimal physical development. Team sports participation can also strengthen a child’s immune system and reduce susceptibility to chronic illnesses.

    Social Skills

    As a member of a sports team, a child learns to cooperate with, assist, and communicate with others. The teambuilding, leadership, and communication skills a child acquires through dedicated, active involvement in team sports can help in social and professional life later during childhood and later on.


    Interaction with others and exposure to wins, losses, triumphs, and setbacks can help a child develop a positive sense of self-worth. Team sports play can instill humility and build confidence, two traits which together to help people pursue their dreams without establishing unrealistic expectations.

    The Art of Discipline

    Carving out time for sports practice and living a lifestyle that encourages improvement can help a person learn good time management skills and develop a sense of discipline. An understanding that dedication, hard work, and lots of practice truly make a difference may help improve your child’s performance at school now and in the workplace later on.

    Have you recently decided to sign your child up to play on a soccer, baseball, football, basketball, or lacrosse team? At Efinger Sporting Goods in Bound Brook, NJ, we have equipment, gear, and athletic wear for virtually every sport we are familiar with. For information about our expansive inventory, store location, or team and club sports apparel and sales services,call (732) 564-5101.

    Tips for Purchasing New Running Shoes

    Last updated 9 days ago

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, running is the fifth most popular form of exercise among adults in the United States. If you have decided to take up running and want to ensure that the footwear you purchase makes the activity possible, keep the following advice in mind when you visit your local sporting goods store to purchase a new pair of running shoes.

    Make Sure the Shoes Fit

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but determining how well a shoe fits is not always easy. Length and width need to be taken into consideration, but so does snugness above and below the foot. The ideal running shoe fit will leave you with little to no wiggle room, but will also not result in tightness or pressure. Before you buy a pair of shoes, test them out. Ask the sporting goods store employees if you can take a walk around the store and pay close attention to anything that makes you feel like your shoes are too tight or too loose.

    Prioritize Comfort

    From the moment you put on a pair of running shoes, the shoes should feel like a natural fit for you. A good pair of running shoes does not need to be broken in the way that a pair of hiking boots does. If you experience irritation or discomfort when trying on a pair of shoes that seems to fit well, try another pair or ask for recommendations.

    Ask for Help

    If you are unsure about whether or not a shoe is a good fit, ask an employee at the sporting goods store for assistance. Describe how the shoe feels to you, and a knowledgeable employee should be able to guide you in the right direction.

    Most sports equipment store clerks know how to match a customer’s feet with the right running shoes. This is especially true at Efinger Sporting Goods in New Jersey, where we strive to be as helpful as possible to those who choose to shop our store for running shoes and other sporting goods. To ask about the running shoes in our inventory or any specials we currently have on discount sporting goods and sporting equipment, call (732) 564-5101.

    What are the Rules of Soccer?

    Last updated 16 days ago

    By far the most popular sport in the world, soccer can provide an athlete with an exceptional workout and plenty of excitement. In spite of how common the sport has become among young children in our country, many Americans are unfamiliar with the rules of the game.

    To learn about the objective of a soccer match and the dos and don’ts that govern game play, watch this brief video clip. In it, soccer coach Frank Hauser describes what parts of the body cannot touch a soccer ball during game play and other important soccer rules.

    While the rules of soccer are relatively simple, the game involves a great deal of strategy. If soccer appeals to you but you need appropriate gear for game play, visit Efinger Sporting Goods in New Jersey. Call (732) 564-5101 to ask about the soccer cleats, shin guards, jerseys, shorts, and other sporting goods and sporting equipment we carry. 

    The Basics of Fitting a Backpack

    Last updated 22 days ago

    Are you preparing for a weekend hiking through and camping in the mountains or a lengthy backpacking trip abroad? If so, you should ensure that your backpack is properly fitted before you take off. In addition to making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable, fitting your backpack can also protect you from shoulder, neck, and back injuries.

    After loading your pack with roughly the amount of weight you intend to carry, loosen the straps, lifters, and stabilizers. Adjust the size of the backpack so that it fits your torso. If the hip belt rests just above your pelvic bones, the size should be right. Ensure that there is no space between the pack and your shoulders, and that none of the points at which the pack meets your body feel too loose or too snug. Tighten stabilizer and lifter straps, and you should be ready to go.

    Choosing a backpack that is designed for someone your size is a prerequisite to fitting your pack. For a selection of high-quality backpacks and access to a team of sporting goods experts who can help you find the perfect backpack, visit Efinger Sporting Goods in New Jersey or call (732) 564-5101. You can also shop our inventory of sporting goods and sports equipment on our website. 

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